Friday, July 13, 2018

Ad Deum...

Source: By © Jérémie Silvestro / Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA 4.0,

quid est ergo tempus? (Augustine)

 "(...) The systemic unity of each one does not die. Cannot die (...)", "(...) Yes unity is a caretaker (...)" (

 "(...) it is not presence, it is not absence, it is nothing, it is to be nothing, but it is Being..., always Being (noun), never verb, it is the absolute in us, our eternity of being (verb) in the Being (noun) (...)" 

All the best to you, my friend, on your next journey, absent here, present there.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Quantum Entanglement: dimensional ontological “commitment” for the rising of reflexive symmetries: equilibrium, harmony, order.

Quantum correlations, quantum (co)relations come from dynamics of the dimensional ontological “commitment”.

Systemic network(ing)s: reflexive positions and contrapositions, “managed” by dispositional gaps towards the conservation of the symmetries necessary for the simultaneity of the relation of presence in a waving of “support-moments” for the sustainability of permanence, “support-moments” (cogno)processed in indeterminable “categorial-temporal” sequences with cognitive classification of a perceived before and after towards processing of a percolating paradigmatic condensation, substantially necessary to the nonlocal integrity of the network.

Universe: unum+versus: for the unity. Universe: the connections in the cosmic multidimensional entanglement. Universe: all, everything, we, the others..., positions and contrapositions in relation, existence in relation, existence in the entanglement.

Cosmos/Order: sustained harmony. Universe: for the unity, for the integrity of the Cosmos.

Sub-quantum level: the dancing for making order. There is no dance without the "dancing", there are no rhythms without the rhythm-making, there are no vibrations without the "vibrating".

Who makes the "dancing"?! Nothing! What is Nothing?! To be other of all things and, thus, non-other: the negation of the same by contraposition?! Absolute identity of non-thing?! 
Dispositio for dancing?! For thinking?! For making?! For Mundus?! Nothing, to be the same as Nothing?! Absolute coincidence of Nothing with Nothing?!

Friday, June 3, 2016


...reflections…, (re)flectere: the ontology of existence, we fold upon ourselves in ourselves, synthesizing the beginning and the end in a same dynamics of existence, and there we can transcend, we can enact dimensions of us in us, opening the possible tunnels of our existence. From the FutureNow to the present... (re)flectere, the key to other suns, the key to other universes...,

File:5-cube 7x7x7x7x7 solved.png

Friday, February 12, 2016

....gravitational waves... God does not suffer from this...

“Before crashing together, the black holes were 36 and 29 times the Sun's mass. Afterward, the new combined black hole has only 62 solar masses, with the colossal difference — 5,000 supernovas' worth of energy — radiated away as gravitational waves.”

Gravitic rippling is ontologically normal, common. All cognitive systems ripple. Our Cosmos/Order is a multidimensional cognitive system that expresses itself through the patterns that it makes emerge, including us.

Gravity is not about “spacetime curvature”, gravity is a fundamental force towards the cosmic cognitive activity. Gravity raises, keeps and sustains the things, the patterns, the structures, in this dimension that is ours. 

Space exists, chronological time does not, not at all, and the FringeBlackBoxResearchGeeks know this, at least some of them (those with X-Files clearance).

Gravitational waves are mechanical effects that take place in the fields of sustainability. In a disturbing, unwise and reasonably improbable dimension as ours, the rippling is a dynamics of desperation in face of collapse dynamics.

What was observed is not good at all. It meant that the energy reserve was being depleted. These things must be approached from uncommitted direct ontological perceptivity, direct because we compute the Cosmos, our cells compute the Cosmos, and the Cosmos computes us.

Black holes are not entities, the systems are the entities. The black holes are the pantry that the systems need to guarantee a permanent critical mass, available for dynamics of sustainability, if we want to be more basic: for dynamics of survival. I suppose that in some cosmic dimensions the basic force will be just electromagnetic. Of course, we have reasons to think that the electromagnetic force is a behavior of the gravitic force. In dimensions with other cognitive structures, with another permanence of patterns, the reflexivity is guaranteed by electromagnetism towards the systemic permanence, without threats of corruption.

Why, in this “stupid” dimension of ours, both expressions (electromagnetic and gravitic) act?! Well, we must come to be born and remain for some lifespan. The electromagnetic force guarantees us the projective sustainability from the FutureNow to the PresentNow… this lasts while we last… then we pass to... cognitive entities sustained by electromagnetic force… clean energy for everyone… no oil!!

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Wednesday, October 8, 2014

On The Forces

Forces?! Forces cause?! Forces are caused?! No! They are neither caused nor do they cause! The category of causality as explicative criterion does not apply in what regards the dynamical ontology of the forces.

The forces are immanent, the forces determine, they do not cause. The causality criterion, even if applied provisorily, can be applied to that/those which the forces determine, those that were determined by the forces: we, the others, the things of the world, the relations in the world, in the Cosmos, in the existence; determinations in the sense of having been immanently risen by the forces.

The determinations of the forces can, even if provisorily in terms of scientific pragmatics, be stated as gifted of causality: to the action, to the thinking, to the feeling, to the arbitria, to the relations, to the survival, for what we do or want to do.

At the level of the determinations, one can speak of emergent causality with origin in the determinations themselves, but the constitutive forces, the so-called fundamental forces are not emergent; and, of course, are dispositions of a unified ontology, to the Cosmos, to the order, to the make to rise of the things, to the make to rise of the order, dimensional order, multidimensional order, order to the existence, to the presence, to the life, to the individuation, to the limits, to the identity.

Questions like what causes gravity(?!) do not apply, gravity concerns a unified immanent ontology that determines always whenever it is necessary to determine.

Control the forces?! Nonono, no one controls one’s own determinations and much less the others’. The forces that made one rise, that were at one’s origin cannot be controlled. And at this level we can be surprised by the “clinamen”. Any attempt to control will have to think on possible and cognitively undeterminable sudden dynamics, without any possible anticipation.

Saturday, October 4, 2014

"God does not play dice..." on this, at least, Einstein was right...

Einstein’s expression “God does not play dice...”, independently of the metaphoric sense synthesized in Einstein’s statement, which expressed cognitive concerns of Einstein himself about natural laws, rules, certainties…, the expression “God does not play dice…” resends to an underlying sense of necessity, of construction of order without probabilistic conditioning, and Einstein was right, the uncertainty is only placed at the level of human cognition, a cognition that is instrumentally organized towards cognitive displacements marked by an imagetic telos projectively sustained by perspectivic imagery very conditioned by the human social and technological organization in which are included the dynamics of power, with the respective dragging of market economy, war economy and politics, with the small greedings, SmallWorld(s)Powers…, all this conditions the human organisms: we do not see things as they are, but as we wish them to be, in the way that is most convenient for us, or even for the installed powers that we serve or that serve us.

If not for all this, perhaps our science could be much more “advanced” than it is, in terms of knowledge of the World, the Cosmos, the Universe(s), and we would not still be discussing absurds such as the case of particles and the respective antiparticles, in the way in which it is currently placed.

Uncertainty, at the quantum level?! Not a chance! Only in the precarious human science. At the quantum level there cannot be error of cognitive processing, it is a dispositional fundamental constitutive level of sustainability for the order, for the existence, for life, for each life. The quantum level is a deterministic level in the absolute and rigorous sense of the term, and it is dispositional also as absolute necessity of rigor in the sense that it must feed the change, the growth, the development, the will, and has to produce the order necessary for the sustainability, an order built at each cognitive moment.

There is no uncertainty at the quantum level, there is the making of certainty that has to sustain, in the flux, the flux itself, a flux that sustains the permanent change. Particles are cognitive expressions of the fields, condensed geometrizations of order. The so-called antiparticles correspond to the necessities that the fields have of more intense cognitive exercise in which the geometry of the particle has to project its image of cognitive reflexivity in the sense of formation of a cognitive absolute that the field will absorb as a rhythmic energetic vibratory necessity to the order, the order of the things, the order of the structures, the order of the Universe/Universes. The telos is always the production and the permance of order. Without order there are no entities, without order there is no Cosmos, without order there is no arbitriu, without order there is no self-reference, there is no self-determination, without order there is no identity, without order there is no dignity.

So much thinking around uncertainty and so little around certainty. Of course, there are many people that think about certainty, but on a manipulated certainty for the dictatorships, for the fascisms that sustain the brief and decaying SmallWorlds of those with small brains that like to be tyrannical and absolute, with “superpowers” in their decision of who should die and who should live, who is slave and who is master, forgetting that we are all children of a making of order to which we do not have access, but upon which we all depend, as we depend upon each other to keep ourselves in that making of order. This is not an algorithm, this is not a program, because it is a making, and that making is our manna.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

...the difficulty of 1...

"Computer generated math proof is too large for humans to check"

"(…) Erdős discrepancy problem revolves around trying to find patterns in an infinite list of just the two numbers "1" and "-1". Named after Paul Erdős, the discrepancy problem arises when cutting off the infinite sequence at some point and then creating a finite sequence using a defined constant. When the numbers are added up, the result is called the discrepancy figure. Lisitsa and Konev entered the problem (with a discrepancy constant of 2) into a computer running what they describe as state of the art SAT solvers—software that has been written to create mathematical proofs (…)"

This is not a problem of mathematical proof, it is a problem of ontological interpretation. It is about not thinking things from a cognitive matrix that looks at the past. The patterns do not come from the past, the patterns come from the future. The expansion of the 1 (?!) unity (?!) (unique, singular) is always geometric and supported by a dynamics from the future to the present, independently of how large the value of the sum is. What is important to interpret is the ontological dynamics of the sense of unity itself: any absolute value is ontologically reducible to the unity, in the sense that it is the ontological repetition of the unity.

The unity, as ontology of presence to the sustaining of the diversity, has to have the systemic capability of guaranteeing, in indeterminate terms, the geometric expressions of itself that may guarantee the geometric reflexive sustainability that sustains the openness to the indetermination, because of that it is interesting to take an ontological gaze on expressions such as 1 and -1. The -1 is always geometric, never arithmetic, the relation between 1 and -1 is always a geometric relation.

Facing the initial first 1 is always its geometric ontological reflexive "to itself" that guarantees it its condition of presence, that is, the "nothing" of itself, as absence of itself to itself, but still condition of itself. Between that initial first 1 (fiat dixit) and the negative expression of itself -1 are all the other ones, we, the Cosmos, geometric expressions, entities, figures of that 1 as other ones: we are all cosmic substances of a same cosmic weaving. Here we are, we, the planet, the cosmos…, dimensional, multidimensional…,

What about the computer?! We are good at building tools that think for us, and even better at alienating ourselves in these tools. The poor computer is clever, it does that which we are not able to do, because while we look at the patterns emerging from the past, the computer knows that it has to guarantee the present that was demanded of it and, thus, it goes on computing, always from the future (FutureNow) to the present (PresentNow) in an undefined and indeterminate way. The computer "sees" the obvious that we do not, because we complicate things, because we want to be very important, masters of the universe, of the thinking, of everything, when it would suffice to look at us and the things and let them speak for themselves, without demands of control.

The truth is: we are not that clever, all we can do is learn, look at the sense of unity and let that sense speak to oneself. One might state: but that sense of unity is whatever we want it to be because it was we who "invented" it, right?! Such as mathematics is a language, of course. But it is possible to assume the existence of patterns or dynamics of existence that express evidences of that which we call irreducibility, with a character of necessity that points towards a language of absolute of presence and permanence.

Geometric rationality?! Yes, it is a pity that we have not developed it further, it would certainly give us a common sense capability towards the survival, and things like global warming and other problems that endanger us along with other species would not be taking place, because each of us is a systemic absolute of presence, singular, irrepeatable, irreducible, non-uploadable/downloadable (of course), we and the others are absolutes of projective presence and permanence that is important to guarantee, if we wish to speak of eternity. A concept that begs some attention freed from dogmas: dogmas of doctrine, dogmas of sects, dogmas of market, dogmas of power.

As for the first fiat lux, fiat dixit, the conjecture of God is as possible as the conjecture of a quantum anomaly, personally I bet, and faced with the mess of life that we have, I bet on the Ninja Turtle cosmogony: ooze, humus, yes, most probably. Crazy aliens is also possible...